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Right Touch

December 12th, 2012 — 02:28 pm

Enjoy a Full Body therapeutic massage on a heated massage table in a private spa like studio with Soothing music, beautiful art wall deco and surrounded with tropical garden and waterfall.

1 hr Full Body massage  $70 (Reg $85)

1 1/2 hr Full Body massage $95  (reg $120)

1 1/2 hr Full Body combine with Thai bodywork $115  (reg $140)   [ MOST POPULAR]

2 hr Full Body combine with Thai Bodywork $135 (reg $160)

2 hr Full Body combine with Salt Scrubs Bodywork  $125  (reg $150)   [ MOST REQUEST ]

2 1/2 hr Full Body , Thai Bodywork and Salt Scrubs Bodywork  $165   [ MOST DETAILS]

(just add $15 for a more details 3hrs session)

3 1/2hr Full Body , Thai Bodywork, Salt Scrub Bodywork and Detox Foot Bath $ 200


A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue with Prmium European Lavender massge oil. Pressure cater to your body need.

THAI BODY WORK on the table —

Is a combination of Sport massage and Yoga stretching and compression of your muscle tissue on your energy lines. It increase your range of motion, improve flexibility of your joints and increase circulation and bring in more oxygen for the healing of your body.

A modality that do not use oil


A combination of Dead Sea sea-salt combine with massage oil massge from your neck down to your toe. It is a maintanence and cleansing and healing process.

Benefits :

– Exfoliation of  the outer most layer of dead skin cells

– The friction of the salt will stimulate your nervous system and immune stystem

– Magnesium from the Dead Sea sea salt benefit your muscle tissue

–A cleansing process

– A nice spa treatment

You will wiped down with warm moist towels and then you take a nice warm shower and your skin will be very smooth and the whole body will be very refresh and relax and rejuvinate.


- Only work from your ankle down

-Your feet will be soaked in a warm foot bath contain Dead Sea bath salt for a few minutes. The muscle tissue will be soften down and I will massage the foot in the water. Then I will dry your feet. I then use the Dead Sea sea salt to massage and scrubs your both foot. Then I will use a warm towel to clean the salt off. Then you continue your massage on the table.

This will ease your tired feet and increase the flexibility and range of motion of your feet.

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